The Past and Present of Croydon's London Road

About this project

Hello! I’m Kake. I live in Croydon, South London, just around the corner from a shopping and residential street known as London Road.

Croydon has centuries’ worth of fascinating history, but I’ve chosen to focus on London Road, as it’s where I do a lot of my daily shopping and the different architectural styles along the street have intrigued me since I first moved here.

In the articles on this website, I follow the history of each individual address back as far as possible — in most cases, to the time when it was first built. I don’t neglect the present day, though; my articles also cover the current uses of the buildings, with photos and descriptions of the things I’ve bought there myself.

London Road stretches over two and a half miles, all the way from West Croydon to Norbury. It includes more than 1500 addresses, so this is certainly a very long-term project. I hope you’ll agree with me that it’s also a worthwhile and interesting one.

Further reading

My introduction post has more details of why I originally started doing this, and my interview with Croydonist has an overview of some of the more interesting London Road addresses I’ve covered so far.

About this website

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The map used on the borders of some pages (including this one) is an extract from the 1800 Enclosure Map of Croydon, courtesy of the Croydon Local Studies and Archives Service.