The Past and Present of Croydon's London Road

No articles this month

11 July 2014

My attempt at the Plastic-Free July challenge is eating all my time and energy, so I won’t be publishing any London Road articles this month. The next one will be up on Friday 8 August.

In the meantime, here’s a photo taken on London Road earlier this year. Can you guess where it is? Click through to Flickr for the answer.

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« 40 London Road: Ideal Beauty (part 1)
Built in the mid-1870s, 40 London Road spent the first half-century of its life as a grocery shop and the second as a branch of Halfords. It’s been knocked into one with its neighbour at number 42, separated again, and knocked back into one again. Today, it’s a beauty shop of seven years’ standing.
42 London Road: Ideal Beauty (part 2) »
Much of the history of 42 London Road is intimately entwined with that of its neighbour at number 40; but here I look at where it differs.